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About the artist

Plein air painting in Panzano, Italy 

The artist at work in her studio

"The feeling of belonging to the human race is what stimulates my artistic production. My various journeys and multi cultural  encounters have enriched my artistic approach. Particularly, my trip to Australia and New Zealand in 2015-2016, has influenced my artistic process,  and the philosophy behind the aboriginal art nourishes my quest for spirituality and identity.


My paintings, which are always autobiographic, reflect different extracts of my life. My strokes when landing on canvas, reveal topographic aerial views. Movement is omnipresent, symbolizing continuity. I use dotting to represent the human life in the community. At times the dotting is closely linked together, to show unity. The white dotting always represents the energy that is circulating around all that is living.


As Mother Nature is a huge source of inspiration for me, I often start my artwork from pictures of landscapes that I took while travelling. I work from cotton canvas and paint on the floor or from a table, as it gives me the distance needed for an aerial perspective. To create I use the tip of different brushes, and / or, bambou sticks. My palette is mostly earth tones including the harmonious colours of nature. Life has taught me that each human being is part of a bigger scheme of eternal new beginnings".


Diane Houde is member of the Association des auteurs des Laurentides and member of Cercle des Artistes-peintres et Sculpteurs du Québec, member of ARTTRAM City of Mount-Royal, member of the Artistes des Lacs collective and member of the Maison des Arts Saint-Faustin, in Saint-Faustin, Quebec.  

Diane Houde has sold her artwork to collectors in Europe, the Unites States, and across Canada. 

 The Honours
IMG_5268 copie.jpeg

On April 24, 2023, the CAPSQ awarded Diane Houde the 'Excellence in Painting' trophy for the artworks Unis dans le cosmos (United in the cosmos) and Lieu de naissance 

( Birthplace) during the 40th National Contest  La diversité dans l'art , at the Leonardo da Vinci Center in Saint-Léonard.

On October 23rd, 2022, Diane Houde was awarded the silver medal for the artwork  "Le sentier du littorale" by the Cercle des Artistes-peintres et Sculpteurs du Québec, at the Leonardo da Vinci Center in Saint-Leonard, during the 38th National Contest and Exhibit La Diversité dans l'Art .


On September 10th, 2022, the artist was awarded a $400.00 prize  

for 'Excellence in Painting' for her artwork Generations , at the 25th  Annual Contest and Exhibit  of the Maison des Arts Saint-Faustin in Saint-Faustin QC. 





On the 8th of September 2021, the artist, Diane

Houde, was recipient of the gold medal, for the

quadryptic artwork,  Les Mousses, (Moss), 

at the 51st  International Exhibit of CAPSQ,

le Cercle des Artistes-peintres et Sculpteurs

du Québec, at the Madeleine Church, Paris, France

  Mousse Île de Fogo #4, m.médias           10 x 10 pouces     copie.jpg
  Mousse Islande #2, m.médias.                10 x 10 pouces   .jpg
Mousse Île de Fogo #1, m.médias           10 x 10 pouces .jpg
 Mousse Île de Fogo #2, m.médias           10 x 10 pouces         .jpg


On April 20, 2019, during the International Gala for Visual Arts, Light and Sound, and 34th Annual Contest, Diane was honoured with the bronze medal for her distinctive style, with special mention for originality.

The Cercle des Artistes-peintres et Sculpteurs du Québec." recognized the technical and aesthetic value of her painting " Art in the heart of the community" from the Aboriginal Influence collection.  

l'Art au coeur de la communauté copie.j

In September 2019, during the 50th International exhibit and prestigious contest, in collaboration between CAPSQ – France, held at the Abbaye de Fontedouce in Charente-Maritime, Diane Houde was awarded the gold medal for originality, and the aesthetic and technical values of her artwork The Inevitable Changes 6 , part of the collection Dévoilement/Unveiling.  

20 x 20 inevitables changements 6  copie


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