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Art Studio

Welcome to the art studio "la boîte à couleurs" ! 

The location of the art studio in the Laurentian, Quebec, is ideal for a nature lover like Diane Houde. The breathtaking surroundings are conducive to relaxation, and the changing of the seasons provides a continuous source of inspiration for the artist.     

As soon as you walk in the art studio, you will be emotionally touched by Diane’s collections and especially by the diversity and brightness of the hues and colours in her artwork.   


The circumstances surrounding each of her pieces are linked to privileged moments during her many travels around the world. Due to the fact that she enjoys trekking while travelling, this activity exposes her to unique environments, which she will photograph without hesitation in order to paint them later in her studio.


Her artwork exposes not only the strength, but also the fragility of nature. At times the places she witnessed are expressed on canvas with a figurative style, but other times she will use a more abstract and contemporary style to show with impact the force of nature.   

Visit to the art studio is by appointment only at 514 258-5121

36 Chemin Paquin, Ste-Anne-des-Lacs, Quebec, Canada J0R-1B0 

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